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Testing of leather, leather goods and handbags

Basic introduction

With consumers' continuous pursuit of leather quality and enhanced awareness of the trend of green consumption, merchants are facing infinite business opportunities and huge challenges brought by the leather market. Whether it is a leather manufacturing enterprise, product designer or purchasing unit, it is necessary to fully understand the physical properties, chemical properties and final performance of the leather to ensure that the correct materials are selected to produce products that satisfy customers. As a result, more and more customers have come to Beitest to seek fast and professional testing solutions for leather, leather goods and handbag products.
Beitest Leather Lab has complete testing equipment and is the most advanced leather testing laboratory in China.

Service Content

Handbags and small suitcases
The strength and firmness of the strap is an important factor in measuring the quality of handbags and luggage. Beitest has the most advanced equipment for comprehensive strength testing, which is used to evaluate the quality risk of the strength of the strap and the strength of the interface.
In addition, we can provide a full set of color fastness tests, water spot tests and many other related tests, especially for handbags, to assess the risk of color transfer to clothing, and the possibility of bubbling when leather products come into contact with water.
From labeling, color fastness (dry and wet rubbing color fastness, water fastness, and others) to the rust resistance test of buckles and other metal parts, Beitest can provide comprehensive tests according to customer needs to ensure that the product is "applicable" Sex. "
Fur coat
Dry-cleaning color fastness, sun fastness, coating adhesion strength, rubbing color fastness and other tests can be used to test garments or materials and components before production. Components such as zippers, linings, adhesive linings, and buttons also need to be evaluated for performance. In addition, clothing cleanliness assessments need to be considered.
Small leather goods (wallets, wallets, etc.) and large luggage
Suitable for testing of small leather products include bead adhesion, button adhesion, seam strength, lining abrasion resistance, fabric resistance to twists, etc. Commonly used luggage test items include buckle / handle strength test, abrasion resistance, twist resistance, and seam strength test. We have advanced and complete testing equipment to ensure that North Test has the ability to provide comprehensive luggage project testing beyond imagination.
Chemical Testing in Leather
Beitest has advanced evaluation equipment to detect harmful chemicals such as hexavalent chromium, specific azo dyes, formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol in leather products. Even small amounts of these chemicals in leather products can pose a threat to consumer health and / or pollute the environment.

Main test standards

American Association of Textile Chemists and Dyeologists (AATCC)
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Australian Standards Institute (AS)
British Standards Institution (BS)
Canadian Standards Board (CAN / CGSB)
German Standards Institute (DIN)
European Committee for Standardization (EN)
China National Standardization Administration (GB)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Japan Industry Association (JIS)

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