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Footwear inspection

Basic introduction

With the development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life, at this stage people have begun to increase the requirements for the comfort of shoes and environmental protection and health. Due to the emergence of EU regulations, the United States CPSC and other regulations, the quality and safety of footwear products have become more and more concerned by consumers in various countries, and quality requirements have become more stringent. Many countries and companies have established their own regulatory requirements for footwear products. Manufacturers must ensure that their products meet all relevant standards.

Physical test items

Detectable shoe material

Leather, textiles, plastic products, vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, dry paint products, dyes, heels, outsole materials, light-colored upper materials, fiberboard

Chemical performance test

Related testing standards

QB / T 4329-2012 cloth shoes
GB25036-2010 children's rubber shoes on canvas
GB / T 6677-2008 cloth shoes classification
GB12011-2009 Foot Protection Electrical Insulation Shoes
GB / T22756-2008 leather sandals
GB21146-2007 personal protective equipment professional shoes
GB20096-2006 roller skates
GB21147-2007 personal protective equipment protective shoes
GB / T19706-2005 football shoes
GB21148-2007 personal protective equipment safety shoes
GB / T15107-2005 travel shoes
GB / T 3807-1994 PVC microporous plastic slippers
GB25038-2010 health and safety technical specifications for rubber shoes
GB / T20991-2007 Test methods for personal protective equipment shoes
GB / T 24129-2009 Test method for leaving no marks on the outsole of rubber shoes and sports shoes
GB / T 18204.8-2000 Microbiological examination methods for slippers in public places Determination of mold and yeast
GB / T 22049-2008 Footwear Footwear and Footwear Components Environmental Regulation and Test Standard Environment
GB / T 26713-2011 Footwear chemical test method for determination of dimethyl fumarate (MF)
GB / T 28409-2012 Guidelines for the selection, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment for foot protective footwear (boots)

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