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Luggage, luggage and accessories testing

Basic introduction

From wallets, handbags and backpacks to luggage, these products are designed and designed to safely store our valuables and personal belongings. To ensure that these products can achieve their intended purpose, luggage and baggage testing is critical to meeting consumer product expectations and ensuring compliance with safety standards and requirements.
China is already a major producer of luggage. In 2005, China's total luggage exports exceeded US $ 7 billion, accounting for nearly 70% of the total imports of developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. Looking ahead, the outlook for exports is not optimistic. The main reasons are:
First, there is no independent brand and the product is cheap.
Second, international trade frictions are becoming increasingly apparent. In the past, the development model of low-price expansion and winning by quantity put Chinese luggage under the high risk of international trade friction.
Beitest's expert experience in luggage testing / inspection can help you gain the trust of buyers, break through the EU's technical and environmental standards trade barriers, and make yourself a competitive advantage.
Beitest comprehensive comprehensive luggage and luggage testing services can help manufacturers and retailers to meet consumer expectations through a wide range of product performance tests, such as strength and fatigue tests, zipper function tests, belts, buttons, handles, connectors, etc. , And ensuring product quality and safety.

Physical performance test

Endurance test (QB / T 1333, QB / T 2155)
Rolling test (SATRA)
Drop test (SATRA)
Waterproof test (AATCC 22, 35)
Static and dynamic load testing (SATRA)
Analysis of hazardous chemicals (EN 14362, LFGB & 64 BVL B 82.02.9, DIN 54231, BS EN ISO 14184-1, BS EN ISO 3071, BS EN 1122)


Glasses and sunglasses testing (ISO 12312, ISO 12870)
Button performance test (ATSM F963, EN 71, ISO 8124-1, GB 6675)
Zipper Performance Test (BS 3084)
Belt Performance Test (SATRA)
Corrosion resistance test (ASTM B117, ISO 9227)

International standards involved in luggage testing

● EN
● BS

exam topic

Class A general product evaluation items:
Technology level
Check whether there are any bad designs or components that are harmful to the user during use.
性能 Wheel / handle performance

Set the load of the bag under normal use. Investigate the fatigue resistance of the roller after long-term rolling, and the strength and durability of the handle / shoulder strap.

Appraisal items of Class B higher quality products:
静 Static load test
Set the load to test the strength of the handle / shoulder strap when the load is beyond the normal load.
强度 Dynamic strength load test of handle
模拟 It can simulate the strength of the handle when it is under load. For example, in the process of repeatedly pulling and pulling the luggage handle, the damage of the material and the poor design of the handle structure will be reflected.

C-type quality product evaluation project:
测试 Drop test
样品 The normal load-bearing luggage samples are dropped freely at a certain height for the corresponding number of times, and the damage is checked.
Squeeze test
Simulate the situation that the luggage is squeezed during transportation or storage.
Endurance test of tie rod
Simulate the process of raising and lowering the lever, and check the fatigue resistance of the lever mechanism.
   other projects 
方面 Cabinet-structural stability test
物理 Material physical properties-
克 Fabric weight, rubbing / light fastness of cloth and leather, fastness of seams of locks / zippers / handles / shoulder straps.
化学 Material chemical properties-
测试 Testing of azo dyes that can release carcinogenic aromatic amines, testing of formaldehyde content, total cadmium content, and hexavalent chromium.
方面 Attachment-
The rust resistance of metal parts, the durability test of zipper opening / closing, the opening / closing durability test of locks, the shear force, tearing force, and durability of Velcro.

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